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Specialist in the repair and restoration of all types of craft
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Yacht Varnishing and Restoration





Boat varnish, boat varnishing, wooden yacht restoration, refit & repairs

Wood has a beauty of its own that a good varnish job will enhance and protect.
If a vessel has been allowed to get a bit tired, Pedros Yacht Refinishing will bring it back to its former glory with a clear, tough, long lasting high gloss professional finish.

Varnish applied to your boat will not only look good and enhance the long term value of a boat but provide a barrier to protect against the elements that will attack the surface during the season – sea, UV radiation from the sun, rain and wind.

Varnish will also enhance the natural appearance of the wood, thereby maintaining and even improving the value of the boat. Varnishing can be a very time-consuming job and the correct finish can be difficult to achieve if you’re trying to do it yourself.

At Pedros Yacht Refinishers, we have all the necessary tools and years of expertise needed to work with today’s new paint and varnish products. Like any job, the key to a successful finish is in the preparation. Once this is complete, several coats of varnish are usually needed with a light sand in between each. We offer a variety of different varnishes to get the exact finish you require and advice on how to keep the finish looking as good as new.

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