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Osmotic blister



Osmosis Repair and Grp Osmosis Prevention

Almost all glassfibre boats which are not protected will develop some degree of osmotic symptoms at some point in their lives. Pedros Yacht Refinishing is an approved Blakes osmosis treatment centre and is able to treat any problems you may find.

Prevention is better than cure and Pedros is able to carry out protection work to treat yachts and powerboats prior to them getting osmosis. Blakes preventative epoxy coatings are applied to a new or sound hull, costing a fraction of the cost of possible re-laminating treatment once a hull has osmosis and needs a full repair.

While this preventative work is being undertaken, the moisture levels can be tested which will detect a potential problem in its early stages so treatment can be carried out.

The first signs of osmosis an owner will see are blisters forming in the gel coat – a good guide as to whether or not the blisters are osmotic is to pierce them – if the liquid content has a sour smell similar to vinegar, it is a definite sign of osmosis. Once the gelcoat is breached, the underlying laminate is capable of absorbing water like a sponge.

Professional advice should be immediately sought to find out the degree of the problem and any action which should be taken.

Once a boat has osmosis, full treatment consists of the total removal of the gelcoat so the hull can dry out. Pedros uses HotVac drying machines which remove and absorb water from the affected hull along with compounds which cause corrosion, weakening of the glass and resin bonds, delamination and blistering.

If you wish to carry out the work yourself, Pedros can supply the products needed. If you are buying a used fibreglass boat, always have it checked for osmosis.



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